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Silent Valley Club - RV CampGround

Silent Valley Club FAQ's

Choose Silent Valley Club for your next getaway!

We have pet-friendly accommodations, covered picnic areas for your family, and top-notch amenities.


If you would like additional information or need assistance, please call (951) 849-4501 or email

  • What is "Silent Valley Club?"
    Silent Valley Club is a unique and picturesque Private RV Campground in Southern California, nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains. Our club has more than 460 acres of managed wilderness for seasoned travelers, campers, and recreation enthusiasts to enjoy!
  • Where is Silent Valley Club & how do I get there?
    Silent Valley is located in a mountain valley at an altitude of 3500 feet, 95 miles east of Los Angeles, in the San Jacinto Mountains. The city of Banning is 10 miles north on Interstate 10. The resort community of Idyllwild is 16 miles south on scenic Highway 243. From Los Angeles take the San Bernardino Freeway (Interstate 10) east to the city of Banning. Exit at the 8th St. turnoff and follow the panoramic State Highway 243 for approximately 9 miles. Turn right on Poppet Flats Road, and go one mile to Silent Valley.
  • What are the camp sites like?
    All are capable of accommodating various types of recreational vehicles: tents, trailers, fifth wheels, and motor homes are welcome. 22% of sites are drive-through. Some sites are in wooded areas, which offer a large degree of privacy; others are closer to the “action” near activity centers. Each site has a picnic table, and access to sanitary refuse containers.
  • How many people are permitted per campsite?
    Eight individuals maximum are allowed per campsite, one RV, 2 tents, one tow vehicle, plus a car if room allows on the paved area of the campsite. No parking on dirt is allowed anywhere in the park. IF I HAVE EXTRA VEHICLES: Extra vehicles must be parked across Poppet Flats Road in our overflow parking. There is no overnight parking in the park except on your registered campsite. Parking or driving on dirt is not allowed anywhere in the park. (Employee vehicles excepted)
  • Are there any provisions for "Adult Children?"
    YES. Cards can be issued to adult children (18 to 24 years) for a yearly fee. (SUBJECT TO CERTAIN RULES AND REGULATIONS).
  • May I invite guests to Silent Valley?
    YES INDEED! They can come with you and share your RV or your campsite with a tent. Just remember no more than eight persons per campsite. Or they may occupy another space (except for major holidays of Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Halloween), provided: Reservations are made within 48 hours of their intended visit, they pay the guest rate upon entry, or guests may camp in your place, free of charge, during your guaranteed days.
  • May I use a motorcycle and/or golf cart at Silent Valley Club?
    There are restrictions against the use of motorcycles, dirt bikes, mini-bikes, dune buggies, and the like at Silent Valley to eliminate the noise, annoyance, and hazards of the use of such vehicles. Silent Valley Club allows golf carts for licensed drivers with proof of liability insurance. Golf cart drivers must obey all road signs and speed limits in the park. Driving on dirt is not allowed anywhere in the park. (Employee vehicles excepted).
  • May I store my RV at Silent Valley Club?
    YES! You can store your RV at Silent Valley Club for a yearly fee. Just call the business number (951-849-4501) for information. We also have Towing Service. We will bring your RV out of storage, spot it on a site, and return it to storage when you leave for a flat fee. Ten-day storage is also available.
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